Welcome to Katherine Nichols, Writer

The Unreliables Coming Feb. 24, 2022

The Sometime Sister Available on Amazon, Target, Black Rose Writing.


In the Spotlight

Award-winning author Jenny Milchman is one of the kindest and most supportive women I’ve met. The following is an excerpt from her newsletter Jenny Milchman, Not Another Newsletter.

I love working with emerging authors. I met Katherine Nichols at the AWC conference and got to hear as her journey led to the release of her first novel. As a bonus, the book is really, really good. I recommend ordering a copy as soon as you’ve read this Spotlight!

To forgive may be divine, but it’s not easy. In my debut novel, The Sometime Sister, a brutal murder destroys the heroine’s chance to forgive her sister. She faces cold killers and fights a corrupt system to find justice for her sister and redemption for herself.

My passion for writing comes from a love of language and the power of storytelling. I dreamed of telling my stories so well I would someday be a published author. I started attending a critique group. The members not only helped me become better at my craft, but they also encouraged me to take risks. I joined the Atlanta Writers Club and attended their conferences where I polished my query and pitched my novels. I acquired an agent whom I worked with for a few years before our mutual break-up.

At the spring 2019 AWC conference, I attended Jenny Milchman’s workshop on branding. I won a copy of her novel and a critique. Her comments, suggestions, and support encouraged me to keep writing. They gave me the confidence to submit my work to independent publishers where I found the perfect match in Black Rose Writing.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Katherine Nichols, Writer

  1. Kathy, It was a great pleasure to meet you and your husband in Warm Springs on Saturday. I so enjoyed your sharing background information regarding your new book, The Sometime Sister. I am certainly enjoying the read as it unfolds the characters, their relationships & the mystery.

  2. I just finished the sometime sister. I couldn’t put it down. A story about life and family. Definitely a 5 star read.

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