Wild Women Who Write Take Flight: So Why Podcast?

Last July, my all female critique group–four of the finest writers and kindest people I know–and I started a podcast. We wanted to share our vision of creating a network of women authors supporting one another, a natural extension of our small group. Of course, we love and support male authors, too. Some of my best friends are men who write. They were by my side, making my work better, while I was writing The Sometime Sister and The Unreliables.

So, why start a podcast geared toward women? It’s not like we write strictly for women. My publisher classifies my books as women’s fiction and mystery/thrillers. Kim Conrey writes sci-fi with romance, but her heroine is totally kick-ass, and the world building is top-notch. April Dilbeck’s hard-bitten detectives bust criminals in New York City. Gaby Anderson’s novel about adulting the hard way is poignant and funny. Lizbeth Jones’ beautifully written story of two brothers struggling to overcome their past packs a serious emotional punch.

Our stories have universal appeal, but our audience is primarily women. And, at the risk of sounding sexist, we understand them and our own specific needs as readers and writers better than our male counterparts.

People ask why a podcast. (Full disclosure, only one person asked me this, but I’m sure many others would like to know.) We did it because we could. We didn’t expect it to be easy. We weren’t even sure anyone would want to be on Wild Women Who Write Take Flight.

So, we did what wild women do best. We threw parties with wine, cheese, cookies, and conversation. We had fun.

Turns out, everyone likes to have fun. For authors, nothing says a good time like talking about their books with readers who love them. More important, our guests share personal stories about their writing journeys. They discuss the pros and cons of self-publishing and the difficulties of self-promotion and marketing. We delve into how to develop sympathetic, realistic characters and put them in relatable situations.

None of us can believe how lucky we’ve been. Our guests range from local authors to national and international favorites. We’ve met some remarkable women and, so far, two extraordinary men. And we just keep on having fun.

We would like to make the experience even better for our listeners. Check it out and let us know how.

Wild Women Who Write Take Flight podcast.

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