Thanks to Jenny Milchman

In the Spotlight Award-winning author Jenny Milchman is one of the kindest and most supportive women I’ve met. The following is an excerpt from her newsletter Jenny Milchman, Not Another Newsletter. I love working with emerging authors. I met Katherine Nichols at the AWC conference and got to hear as her journey led to the release of her firstContinue reading “Thanks to Jenny Milchman”

Wild Women Who Write Take Flight: So Why Podcast?

Last July, my all female critique group–four of the finest writers and kindest people I know–and I started a podcast. We wanted to share our vision of creating a network of women authors supporting one another, a natural extension of our small group. Of course, we love and support male authors, too. Some of myContinue reading “Wild Women Who Write Take Flight: So Why Podcast?”

Parakeets and Marriage

I finished Bertino’s Parakeet, the story of an unexcited bride the week before her wedding day. The narrator has one of the most memorable voices I’ve heard, and the novel’s shift from the familiar to the magical is both disorienting and masterful. As I read, thoughts of my daughter’s upcoming March wedding played in theContinue reading “Parakeets and Marriage”

Reading, Writing, and Recipes

I’m currently reading Marie-Helene Bertino’s Parakeet. It the darkly funny story of a woman whose dead grandmother speaks to her through an unruly parakeet. I love characters with strong, quirky voices. For me, Parakeet is more than a great read; it’s a writing workshop. I’m rewriting a lighter mystery featuring Lucy Howard, a truth-loving, broken-heartedContinue reading “Reading, Writing, and Recipes”